The user’s experience is paramount to online business.

Enhance it by having a well-designed website that is easy to use.

Your bottom line isn’t going to increase itself.

Your website is a business tool that drives sales.

The only true measure of quality work is the work itself.

Take a look through our client portfolio to see our capabilities.

Manage how the public perceives your brand online.

Increase your bottom-line and convert people to your brand.

Meet new customers with an online marketing strategy.

Reach a larger audience by making your brand more visible online.

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Online Digital Marketing Services in Perth

We have the skills and experience necessary to implement a successful online marketing campaign for your business

Success is a few simple steps away

An online marketing campaign is a complicated undertaking that requires know-how of a ridiculous number of online platforms. This is where Titan Web steps in. Let us fight in your digital corner by putting together a step-by-step marketing plan that will turn your website into a conversion machine. We’ve gotten results for more than a thousand businesses and we will do the same for you.

Step 1
Develop a Successful Marketing Strategy

The first step to online marketing success is developing a marketing strategy.

Our strategy will support your overall business objectives and take into account your:

  • Target market & marketing objectives
  • Marketing challenges & budget
  • Required ROI

Step 2
Create & Maintain a Powerful Website

Your website forms the core of your online marketing approach. As such, it makes sense to have a professional, optimised, mobile responsive site that is both easy to navigate and maintain.

Step 3
Generate More Traffic

Once your website is live it is time to start generating traffic. More visitors = more leads = more sales.

Here’s how we increase your traffic:

  • SEO - 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results, which is why optimising your website is more crucial than ever. Have you identified relevant keywords and established a content creation program?
  • PPC / AdWords—Supercharge traffic and bring in quality visitors with a pay-per-click advertising campaign.
  • Social Media—Build a following and engage with your customers through social media. Research shows that businesses see a 63% increase in marketing effectiveness when using social media.
  • Email Marketing—Reach out to your visitors and turn them into loyal customers. 59% of business-to-business marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue.

Step 4
Convert Traffic to Leads

Traffic generation and conversions should go hand in hand. We will get to know your visitors and understand their buying process. Using proven techniques, we will convert your traffic into real leads.

  • We will write compelling content which appeals to what the visitor is searching for.
  • Place calls to action throughout your website to encourage the conversion of leads to sales.
  • Collect information from your visitors.
  • Utilise targeted online campaigns, such as remarketing and email marketing.
  • Build campaigns that naturally create leads.

Step 5
Convert Leads into Sales

Traffic generation and conversions should go hand-in-hand. We will get to know your visitors, analyse their buying behaviour and, using proven techniques, convert your traffic into real leads.
We’ll do so by:

Creating compelling content that appeals to your target demographic.

  • Placing calls to action throughout your website to encourage the conversion of leads to sales.
  • Collecting information from your visitors.
  • Utilising targeted online campaigns, such as remarketing and email marketing.
  • Building campaigns that naturally create leads.

Step 6
We Measure. Everything.

How can you tell if you’re on the right track?

Your dedicated campaign manager will monitor the progress of your campaign and report back regularly to ensure that your investment is paying off.
The most important metrics we measure include:

  • Non-branded traffic
  • Traffic-to-leads
  • Leads-to-customers
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per customer

Breaking the online marketing process down into bite-sized bits makes it a little bit less scary. Let us show you the way to online success.


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