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Companies crawling in the social media playground

Getting lost in the social media circus? The most popular platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr (barely scratching the surface here) have millions of people looking for your company!

Companies have slowly but surely started making a name for themselves on social media, some bigger than others but it’s not a train smash… yet.

Increase followers

As much as we like to think that the amount of ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ doesn’t matter, it actually does. Especially for a start-up wanting to become a household name, in today’s society the first impression potential clients have of your company will be your presence on a social media platform.

Increase your amount of loyal followers by firstly marketing the fact that your company is now on a platform. Include links on your website, announce it on your ‘news page’ and add the links in all staff’s email signatures. Run a competition! Everyone enjoys a good competition, even those who don’t like to admit it. Offer something complimentary to the first 500 newbies for example. This will guarantee new followers, who doesn’t like free things after all?


Your company’s page can be used for anything from announcing changes, to simply increasing and creating conversation. Any company needs client feedback, this is how you improve, and you’ll get feedback in excess via social media! It is important to ask questions to engage your clientele. Ask about things that matter to them, sometimes ‘shop talk’ gets tedious. Write a post about something simple like a current event. It’s something that most people will enjoy speaking about and it will spark some good debate.

All your followers have something in common with each other… YOU! Take advantage of the fact that your followers like or need your company and everyone knows it. Update your clients about the latest news and exciting updates happening in the company, they want to be involved. Your company’s new digital relationship with strangers is a threat to your competitors.


Once you have your following, the most important thing is to respond! There is nothing worse than companies having a massive social media footprint but there is no one constantly looking after the followers. The bottom line is, clients want to feel important. Whether you have 106 followers or 5024 followers, your client’s needs are vital. It’s no joke that this is like a real relationship! A frustrated client is the last thing you want and worse when it’s on social media as this has a ripple effect. It’s easy to calm an unhappy client, just make sure you respond and appear interested. People want to know that there is a human element in your company.

So if your company is crawling or running in the social media playground, keep your followers happy! It actually is as easy as engaging and responding!


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