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Benefits of using video in the customer buying cycle

The ins and outs of using online video to your business’ benefit.

Video marketing is an extremely useful online marketing tool. Its success is based on the ‘show don’t tell’ principle, which allows businesses to differentiate their products or services from the masses.

Online videos are an increasingly popular advertising medium across the globe. Australia is no exception, with an average of 12.5 million people streaming videos yearly. To put this into perspective, 1.75 billion broadcasts were viewed, which totalled 5.12 billion minutes! Studies have shown that the average individual has watched 140 streams and spent 6 hours and 49 minutes streaming online content, as stated by Nielsen in their Australian Online Landscape Review.

If these statistics are anything to go by, it’s worth considering online video to promote your business.


Online marketing is all about generating leads that results in a sale. As such, it stands to reason that your website should generate new customers. Research suggests videos can improve conversions considerably, for example, E-commerce reported an increase of 144% in sales when visitors watched a product video.

According to the experts, up to 96% of internet users watch videos online. From our experience, we’ve found that visitors prefer watching videos, compared to reading detailed product descriptions or services you offer. A professional video can improve conversions (sales or leads) to give you that competitive edge you’ve always been looking for.

Increased visibility

Videos can improve your search engine visibility, thus increasing brand awareness and visitors to your website. Search engines are rewarding websites who receive greater click-through rates (CTR) and engagement metrics, such as time on site, number of pages visited etc. Our research suggests this is true, as we’ve seen websites utilising video, are seeing a considerable improvement with their search engine visibility.

Why do you think Google bought YouTube?
Have you noticed the video snippets in Google search results?

YouTube Video Search in Google

The first four results have these video snippets, which clearly shows the reasoning why we believe video is so important to a business’s online success.

Creating a buzz

Facebook like button

Search engines are looking at social signals, especially in determining how reputable a website is. What better way than to use video to improve social signals, such as shares, likes, +1, etc. Consumers love sharing videos, thereby improving your search engine visibility, at the same time as creating buzz for your brand.


Did you know that having information on hand increases the likelihood that you’ll change your mind when making a purchasing decision? In Our mobile planet: Australia – understanding the mobile consumer, it was found that there is heightened interest among Australian shoppers to research products and services while on the go.

Being able to reach your target market during this pivotal part of the buying cycle could very well mean the difference between a life-long customer and a dropped lead.

Mobile-enabled videos will enhance brand experience, while making the purchase cycle much more interactive. These are just a few of the ways in which online videos can improve the visibility of your site and bolster your ROI, SEO rankings, mobile accessibility and brand recognition.

So whether you are looking to create brand awareness, reach new consumers, or improve conversion rates, it makes sense to invest in professional online video services to bolster your sales and conversions.

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