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Reliable Website Hosting Services in Perth

Make your website available 24/7

Why do I need website hosting?

A dedicated website hosting service ensures that your site is online and accessible 24/7. The reason you need a company to host your website is that it has the equipment and skilled technicians required for setting up and maintaining a website. A good website host is not only able to do this in a cost-effective and efficient manner but is also able to offer a range of services that benefit your business.

Benefits of using Titan Hosting

Titan Hosting is a premium hosting service that allows you to sit back and watch as your website becomes a customer-retention machine. We set up your website and provide dedicated on-site technical assistance when you need it. Our service includes the setup of email accounts linked to your site. We guarantee a fast loading time, which means your customers will be able to browse your site with ease.

Our Web Hosting Features

  • Website statistics to break down your website’s performance so you can evaluate how it’s doing
  • Powerful web servers to ensure that your website can accommodate web traffic without compromising its speed
  • The ability to change your website as often as you need with an easy-to-use control panel
  • Ample disk space to accommodate your website and emails
  • Webmail login so you can access your email through your mobile or tablet
  • State-of-the-art spam and virus protection
  • An ample traffic allowance to meet the needs of your users
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