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Showcase Your Business with an Online Video Commercial

Our Services

Our goal is to provide you with a one-minute commercial based on a production script. The script is written to create interest in your product or service.

The Benefits

With an online video, your customers will see that your company is made up of real people, which will not only build trust in your brand but help raise the profile of your business.

Some products or services are not easily explained in words. The benefit of an online video commercial is that your company gets to demonstrate your product or service. This will help drive sales leads as your prospects will better understand what you are selling.

This idea is supported by The Interactive Advertising Bureau, which indicates that online video advertising can increase sales by over 40%. The benefits do not end there! Social Media Today reports that video advertising increases a website’s chance of making it onto the front page in a Google search by 53%.

The Process of Making an Online Video Commercial

Before we start shooting, our copywriters develop a voice-over script for the video. This script is designed with your company in mind. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the script. Once you approve it, a professional voice-over artist will record the audio.

To shoot your commercial, we come to your business or any other location you choose to film people, products or processes related to your product or service.
Once the footage is shot, we edit it to ensure its professional quality. Any changes you would like to make can be discussed with our team. The video is only complete when you approve the final product.

The final step in the process is uploading the edited video to YouTube. Your online video commercial is also embedded on your website, which helps boost your Google ranking.

To find out more about making an online video commercial for your business, visit our YouTube channel, and contact our experienced team in the video department.

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